Mark Thornton, video editor contact


Mark G. Thornton: freelance video editor and director.




Commercial TV:
Editing and VFX: Barbie Holiday 2019 TV Commercial
© 2019 Mattel
Promo / Trailer / EPK:
Edited by me
Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw promotional video for Dwayne Johnson's Chinese social media
Produced by TGC Management and Seven Bucks Creative
EDITING:"Star Fox in Real Life" for YouTube / Field Day and Matthew Patrick / Game Theorists
I also edited & animated Game Theory episodes including:
Halo Armor's Fatal Flaw
• Leave PewDiePie Alone
• The Assassin's Creed Shared Universe Conspiracy And Film Theory episodes including:
• Star Wars: Luke SHOULDN'T Destroy The Death Star
• How The Walking Dead will END!
Hunger Games: How To Not Die Pt. 2 And Frame By Frame episodes including:
The Set Design of Alien
The Art Direction of Stranger Things
"Andy's Hungry Voyage" Editing and titles for this trailer and all 25 episodes.
Web series produced by Endemol Beyond USA (now Endemol Shine Beyond USA) for Andy Milonakis
Press: TubeFilter
Music Videos:
Directed, shot & edited by me.
"Personae: Halloween" by Secret Chiefs 3 (Mimicry Records)
Editing, animation & motion graphics by me
Directed by Jon Luini (chime interactive)
"Heroes" by Sammy Hagar & the Circle
Directed & edited by me.
"We're Defeated" by Detangler
Music by Davin Givhan. Special thanks to Tyler Bradberry and Sam DelPilar
Press: Buzzbands.LA
Sammy Hagar & The Circle
"Trust Fund Baby" lyric video
© 2019 BMG
Animated, edited and composited by me. (After Effects)
Produced by Chime Interactive
More Music Videos:
Directed by me. Plus all editing and compositing.
"When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth" by Otto von Schirach (Monkeytown Records)
Original stop-motion by Tim Smyth
Special thanks to David Josef Tamargo, Tawd b. Dorenfeld, Sam DelPilar, and CEvin Key
Press: XLR8R
"Escape" music video for Tippy Morgan.
Directed by Ash Gupta & Jasminex, and myself. Edited by me. Produced by Ash Gupta / 838 Media Group
"The Death of Rock N' Roll"
by Tim Smolens
Collaboration with director Chip Yamada,
final editing & overlays, After Effects and TV FX by me
Edited by me.
"Get Loose" by MeGA*Nut featuring George Clinton
Directed by Tawd b. Dorenfeld
Directed by me. Plus editing, compositing (After Effects) and VHS analog treatment.
"Leaving Forever" by Mike Penny
Editor & compositor
"Left of Center" by Serj Tankian (Warner Bros./Reprise Records)
Directed by Tawd b. Dorenfeld (Polymorph Productions)
Directed, shot & edited by me.
"Saptarshi" by Secret Chiefs 3 (Mimicry Records)
Corporate/Trade Show:
Produrt demo + concert videos for KORG
Promotional videos from the NAMM corporate trade show, 2009–2012

Awards & Accolades:

• 2011 Davey Award for a video for Guitar Tricks video, editing
• 2012 Telly Award for a Guitar Tricks video, voiceover

Previous commercial projects include:

• Co-direction and Editing: Secret Chiefs 3: Live at the Great American Music Hall concert DVD
• Editing: Two bonus featurettes for Morgan Ågren's Conundrum documentary BluRay
• Editing: Two bonus featurettes for Sammy Hagar & Friends deluxe edition bonus DVD
• Editing: Estradasphere Passion For Life archival & concert DVD
• Direction and Editing: Zeromind Japan Tour archival & concert DVD